Monday, 31 July 2017

Cefyndu Telegraph Station

Lowry refers to the Liverpool and Holyhead Telegraph in Chapter X111 of In Ballast to the White Sea; "A lone airman, that wintry Easter, was flying over the Irish Sea. Now that the fog had cleared completely he was following the line of the old telegraph stations to Liverpool: Holyhead, Cefn Du, Point Lynas, Puffin Island, Great Ormes Head. Making a spurt, he covered the seventeen miles between Llysfaen over Veryd to Voel Nant in seven minutes."

Cefyndu  Telegraph Station was in central Anglesey, near Llanryddlad. An earlier station at Carreglwyd moved to Cefyndu  in 1840.  Note spelling error of name.

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