Monday, 31 July 2017

Veryd Telegraph Station

Lowry refers to the Liverpool and Holyhead Telegraph in Chapter X111 of In Ballast to the White Sea; "A lone airman, that wintry Easter, was flying over the Irish Sea. Now that the fog had cleared completely he was following the line of the old telegraph stations to Liverpool: Holyhead, Cefn Du, Point Lynas, Puffin Island, Great Ormes Head. Making a spurt, he covered the seventeen miles between Llysfaen over Veryd to Voel Nant in seven minutes."

Veryd: Foryd, is a town near Rhyl on the North Wales coast. The station was built (1828) to supplement signals between Llysfaen and Voel Nant; it was moved (1841) when the land was wanted for the railway. No trace remains.

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