Saturday, 16 June 2012

Saint Sulpice Church, Paris

Gordon Bowker states that Jan posted the banns for her wedding at this church before Lowry arrived in Paris in 1933 ( Gordon Bowker Pursued By Furies Pg. 171). However, Jan wrote that she posted the banns with Lowry at the Mairie du XIVe Arrondissement on 31st December 1933; "It had snowed and is still snowing still... a harbinger of good." and "I had to dissuade Malcolm from removing the yellow affiche and bearing it reverently away." (Jan Gabrial Inside The Volcano Pg. 41).

A Roman Catholic church in Paris, France, on the east side of the Place Saint-Sulpice, in the Luxembourg Quarter of the VIe arrondissement. At 113 metres long, 58 metres in width and 34 metres tall, it is only slightly smaller than Notre-Dame and thus the second largest church in the city. It is dedicated to Sulpitius the Pious. During the 18th century, an elaborate gnomon, the Gnomon of Saint-Sulpice, was constructed in the church. Read more on Wikipedia

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