Monday, 10 September 2012

26 Dornberg Road, New Brighton

The fictional name for the road where Janet Travena lives in Lowry's novel Ultramarine. The real address of Tess Evans, the model for Janet in the novel, was actually 26 Thirlmere Street, Liscard.

Lowry refers to the fictional address twice when mentioning Janet's letter to Dana when it arrives in Dairen from Singapore. (Pg 168 and 169)

There is a possibility that Lowry noted the name Dornberg for the fictional road while living in Blackheath in 1928 as there is no other road in the UK with that name. Lowry was cramming for his entry examination to Cambridge with the help of E.E.Kellett who lived at 5 Woodville Road. Dornberg Road is less than a mile from where E.E. Kellett once lived. The road is now a cul-de-sac but in the 1920s the road ran between Banchory Road and Old Dover Road.

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