Monday, 3 September 2012

Bull Bay Golf Club

Bull Bay Golf Club was founded in 1913. The official opening of the original nine hole course took place on Saturday August 16th 1913 amid great pomp and ceremony and attracted a large and fashionable crowd amongst whom were the Marquis and Marchioness of Anglesey and a distinguished party - according to a report in the Liverpool Daily post and Mercury.

The course was designed by W Herbert Fowler, one of the most renowned golf architects of the “Golden Era” immediately prior to the First World War when many of the world’s great golf courses were built. By this time Fowler had already become recognised as a great golf architect for his work on many of the best courses in Britain. n Staffordshire owned by Charles Henry Alexander Paget the Marquis of Anglesey. Lloyd George was probably instrumental in introducing Fowler to his native North Wales and persuading the Marquis to commission Fowler to create his only course in Wales. The cost of laying out the course and the building of the original clubhouse was borne by the Marquis on whose land the links were established. Read more

Lowry refers to the golf course in his novel Ultramarine when Taff one of the crew of Oedipus Tyrannus says; "Amlwch I lived. I used to work in the forge near Bull Bay. I was a caddy on the links there for a time-" (Pg. 50)

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