Wednesday, 20 February 2013

PG Wodehouse Rodney Fails to Qualify 1924

PG Wodehouse with his wife and daughter at Le Touquet in 1924

Lowry refers to a P.G. Wodehouse in a letter to Carol Brown dated 27th April 1926; "..well it was predestined. I did  -- I mean, rather, that it was, really. (Quotation. P.G. Wodehouse) I knew you, in other words before I met you." (Collected Letters Vol 1 Pg. 14). Lowry is possibly quoting from Wodehouse's short story 'Rodney Fails to Qualify' which may have appealed to him given the golfing connotation; "And he suddenly took me in his arms, gazed deeply into my eyes, and cried, "I love you. I worship you! I adore you! You are the tree on which the fruit of my life hangs; my mate; my woman; predestined to me since the first star shone up in yonder sky!' (P.G. Wodehouse Fore! The Best of Wodehouse on Golf).

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