Sunday, 15 July 2012

Three Crowns Hotel, Chagford, Devon

The Three Crowns Hotel, also Three Crowns Chagford, is a historical hotel in Chagford, Devon, England. The building dates to the 13th century and was several centuries was a manor house before becoming an inn. The hotel, noted for its 13th century granite facade has been reported to be haunted since 1643 by Sidney Godolphin, a poet who fought as a Cavalier during the English Civil War and is said to stride the corridors in full uniform.

Lowry got drunk at the hotel with James Travers and Bob Pocock sometime in September 1933. Lowry left the hotel with Pocock in his MG F Type Magna following Travers in his car back to his farm. Lowry crashed the car on the way back.

The Hotel was renovated in 2011/12. The photographs below show the interior before renovation which would have been similar to what the hotel looked like when Lowry got drunk there in 1933.

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