Tuesday, 15 May 2012

68 Bygdøy allé, Oslo

The home of Nordahl Grieg in 1931 where he was reputedly living under an assumed name at 68 Bygdøy allé, Oslo. Lowry tried to find Grieg's home after being told by a teacher in Alesund where Grieg lived though he was dropped off half way on the 20 mile long road by a taxi driver. Lowry claims he met a ship broker in the road who knowing Grieg said he would call him to arrange a visit. (Gordon Bowker Pursued By Furies Pg.125).

Lowry also refers to the visit in a letter to Nordahl Grieg dated 8th September 1931 which he wrote in the Hotel Parkheimen; "In his case, the war came along and that as you very justly pointed out in Bygdo...." (Collected Letters Pg. 105)

Apartment buildings constructed in 1930 as bedsits by architect Olaf Schjøll . Funkis . Another famous Norwegian writer Arnulf Overland lived at No. 70 from 1935 to 1941.

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