Friday, 11 May 2012

Church Street, Liverpool

Long-time main shopping street of Liverpool named after St. Peter’s Church built 1699 and demolished 1922. Joe Passalique back there while circumambulating Liverpool city centre in search of prostitutes ('Goya The Obscure'  Pg. 277). Joe Passilique and Dana Hilliot see mothers with warm-smelling furs “fussing with their school-capped sons into the Bon Marché” ('Goya The Obscure'  Pg. 277), (Ultramarine Pg. 69); "As he passes down Church Street the wind rushes round him with a cold, monstrous, final insistency." (Pg. 69); Dana Hilliot "retreats up Church Street" (Ultramarine Pg. 69).

See Eddie Lang Church Street Sobbin' Blues

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