Sunday, 6 May 2012

Paris Montparnasse Railway Station

Paris Montparnasse is one of the six large terminus railway stations of Paris, located in the Montparnasse area in the XIVe arrondissement. The station was opened in 1840, and rebuilt completely in 1969.

The former seaman and his wife catch a train from the station to Chartres in Lowry's short story 'Hotel Room In Chartres'. "He searched the lists: Brest, Le Mans, Passy, Versailles. Ah, the 17.03 train for Brest stopped a t Chartres" Psalms Pg. 20; Lowry goes onto describe signs and adverts in the station, the rain on the station, noises of the trains; "like a ship letting off steam in her winches" Psalms Pg. 21 and ; he watched the clock in the wall above the tracks, its silver fingers creeping towards five" Psalms Pg. 21

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