Sunday, 6 May 2012


Lowry mentions a ship called Suley in his short story 'Hotel Room In Chartres'; "he was joining all his ships once more, going from Exchange to Prester to join the Suley.." (Psalms Pg. 23). It is possible that Lowry mis-spelt the name of the ship which is common throughout Lowry's work.

Possibly a Norwegian motor Ship, cargo / motor ship, general cargo, 4402 gross tonnage built by Kockums Mekaniska Verksteds A/B, Malmö, Sweden for Erling H. Samuelsen Rederi II A / S (Erling H. Samuelsen), Oslo. Launched September 1928, completed in November. In 1941, she was torpedoed and sunk 24th June by the German submarine U 203 (OL Rolf Mützelburg) in position 54.39N-39.43W while on a voyage from Buenos Aires, Argentina via Bermuda two Hull, UK with 7,880 t wheat. The crew abandoned to the life boats and were taken aboard leaves the British S.S. Traveller and landed 3rd July in Liverpool.

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