Friday, 11 May 2012

Dale Street, Liverpool

One of the original 7 streets of Liverpool. Once a rough track that led to a dale, which connected with Townsend Bridge, which crossed the Pool. In the 1920’s, a major thoroughfare at the heart of Liverpool’s business district. Joe Passalique follows a prostitute down the street ('Goya The Obscure' 276). A crew member on Oedipus Tyrannus lives in Dale Street and later tells a story of fight in his house (Ultramarine Pgs.181/82); "All right, the ghost says then, let me cross the Dale Street tramlines. I won't haunt your house any more- " (Ultramarine Pg. 183);  Ayerton and Alderson-Smith, Solicitors were based in Dale Street. The firm were the family solicitors and acted for Arthur Lowry during 1938 and 1939, when Lowry was in trouble in Mexico and Los Angeles.

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