Saturday, 19 May 2012

D/S Henrik Ibsen

Gordon Bowker in Pursued By Furies relates that Lowry was told by Nordahl Grieg that the ship portrayed in his novel Skibet gaar videre (The Ship Sails On) 1924 was actually the Henrik Ibsen based on a voyage made by Grieg on the ship. (Pg. 126). Bowker further states that Lowry claimed that he originally intended to call the ship depicted  in his novel Ultramarine - Henrik Ibsen.

The Henrik Ibsen was built by Sir Raylton Dixon & Co. Ltd., Middlesbrough in 1906. Tonnage: 4671 gt. Delivered in Dec.-1906 to Vilhelm Torkildsen e.a., Bergen. From 1914, owners were A/S D/S Henrik Ibsen (Vilhelm Torkildsen), Bergen. From Dec.-1938, Skibs A/S Solvang (A. Gowart Olsen), Stavanger. Owner: Skibs-A/S Solvang, Scrapped in 1952 in U.K

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