Sunday, 6 May 2012


A 1930s French weekly sex magazine which had articles on a variety of topics relating to sex and eroticism illustrated by nude photographs and illustrations. The magazine also advertised erotic photographs and films. There was a regular column called "Petit Courrier Mariages: Relations Mondaines" which could have possibly been used by prostitutes. Adverts from this column are read out by the sailors on a train in 'Hotel Room in Chartres'; "One of them read aloud, instead, from Seduction, while others crowded around the journal, evidently sure his woman would not be offended by this...."Flower of April," the bosun read, 20 years, blonde, distinguished, seeks correspondent to alleviate sadness of living in a little town in the provinces.." Psalms 22

Whether Lowry used an exact source from the magazine is yet to be discovered.

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