Monday, 2 July 2012


Bergen is a city and municipality in Hordaland on the west coast of Norway.The city centre of Bergen is located west in the municipality, facing the fjord of Byfjorden. It is situated among a group of mountains known as the Seven Mountains.

Lowry refers to the city in his first novel Ultramarine; "Matt told them that he had struck the new skipper, a Stavanger man, for calling him a Bergener." (Ultramarine Pg 17). There is no record of Lowry visiting the city - however he does refer to the city in two letters - one to Nordahl Grieg written on 8/9/1931; "That you will find time for us to talk again before you return to the mountains or to Bergen, or to both." (Collected Letters Vol 1 Pg. 102); he also wrote to Jan Gabrial "You should of course try & see Bergen" (Collected Letters Vol 1 Pg. 130). 

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