Saturday, 5 May 2012

Innes Rose

Lowry's English literary agent from early 1930’s. Worked for J. Farquarhson and Co. 8 Halsey House, Red Lion Square, London. A contemporary of Lowry's at Cambridge University; “Rose himself happens to be a true poet whose judgement I respect” Collected Letters Vol Letter 84. He placed Ultramarine with Jonathan Cape in 1933. He was responsible for getting ‘In Le Havre’ published by Life and Letters

Lowry told Jonathan Cape in 1947 that Rose was still his agent after losing touch with him during war and that Margerie Lowry is also using his services (Collected Letters Vol 2 Letter 319). There are only 2 surviving letters from Lowry to Rose are (Collected Letters Vol 1 Letter 68) and (Collected Letters Vol 2 Letter 405).

Farquharson (John) (1919), 8 Halsey House, Red Lion Square, W.C.I. T. Chancery 7402. T.A. Jofachad, Holb., London. Director: Innes Rose, Short stories and serials, books, film rights, plays. U.S.A. representative: Paul R. Reynolds & Son, 599 Fifth Avenue, New York 17. Also represented in Scandinavia, France, Spain and other European countries. The Writers and Artists Year Book 1949

Rose was also Richard Wright's agent.

The above photograph was Halsey House in May 2008. There is no record of Lowry visiting Rose at work.

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