Friday, 17 August 2012

Brighton Street, Egremont

A street which runs parallel to the River Mersey from running from Church Road, Seacombe to King Street, Egremont. Built as part of the expansion of Wallasey in the late 1800's linking Seacombe to New Brighton with the main tram route between the 2 places. Once a major shopping and business area in the 1920's which has seen declined with many of the original buildings being demolished.

Lowry refers to the street in his novel Ultramarine though he calls it a road; "Later, however, avoiding Egremont Ferry as they ascend a street of houses built on an incline to Brighton Road, which runs parallel to the promenade" (Pg. 131) and "the one figure now drifts slowly under the grainy sky past Morgan Roberts' Osteopathy and Manipulative Treatment and the children's playground on the left and into Brighton Road again." (Pg. 132).

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