Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Sonnomiya 2580

Sannomiya  is a district of Kobe, Japan. Today, it is the biggest downtown area in the city.

Before the 1920s, Sannomiya was just an edge of the city. The major downtowns were Motomachi and Shinkaichi, which are west of Sannomiya. However, after Sogo Department Store moved to the place in front of Sannomiya Station from Motomachi in 1933, the area started to develop rapidly.

Lowry refers to a telephone number Sonnomiya (Lowry's spelling) 2580 in Ultramarine for the O Hiro Bar Yamagata-Dori which would have been impossible as Yamagata-Dori is in Dairen. Lowry possibly noted the number while watching a film in Dairen as he notes it after referring to adverts for Kobe on the screen while Dana is watching a film (Pg. 98)

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