Friday, 17 August 2012

Queen's Park Railway Station

Lowry refers to this station in his novel Ultramarine; "At a quarter to eight, descending from his train at Queen's Park, where, to please her mother, he has once seen Janet safely into a tin church for a prayer meeting. the one figure now drifts slowly under the grainy sky past Morgan Roberts' Oesteopathy and Manipulative Treatment and the children's playground on the left into Brighton Road again."

There has never been a station with that name on the Wirral. This is a rare instance in the novel when Lowry doesn't use real places on the Wirral or Liverpool. Given the topography of of the above - the station would be in the vicinity of Egremont/Seacombe. The nearest station would have been Seacombe at the junction of Church Road/Borough Road on the former Wirral Railway lines. There is also a possibility  that Lowry for some reason had the Queen Park Station in Kilburn in mind. Lowry does make reference to Kilburn Empire in his novel Under The Volcano and he may have been familiar with the station.

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