Sunday, 5 August 2012

Miki Bar

An unidentified bar/club in the fictional Tsjang Tsjang (Dairen) of Lowry's first novel Ultramarine; "There's the Miki Bar!" (Pg. 30); "And the Miki or the Baikine; you'll probably find plenty of bobbed head tigers in this dump." (Pg.81); "Miki Bar. Dancing." (Pg. 85); Dana is told by a waiter after asking about dancing; "Miki Bar is your place. All sam firm, sir". (Pg.85); "We'll go the Miki Bar some time tonight,' I said." (Pg. 85); "Miki Bar. Dancing" (Pgs 96, 104 and 118); "Well, talking of niggers, there was two whacking bull niggers in the Miki too, last night; firemen they were, and when I told Olga-" (Pg. 130); "Andy fumbling for his entrance ticket to the Miki dancing saloon.." (Pg. 133).

The name probably reflects the Japanese influence on Dairen. The name is a Japanese female name Miki which may be written with the characters for "beauty; beautiful" (mi) and "chronicle; narrative; account" (ki). Other possibilities include "truth; reality" (mi) and "hope; pray" (ki), as well as "beautiful" (mi) and "timber trees; wood" (ki). Not to be confused with the port of Miike.

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