Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Katayama Silk Store, Dairen

Lowry refers to the above shop in his novel Ultramarine when Dana meets Olga Sologub, a prostitute in Dairen, asking her to speak Japanese to him:

"I can teach you all the Japanese you have to know now. Listen to me. Good morning is Cha-yo. Good day, Konnichiwa. Good evening, Konbanwa. Good-bye, Sayonara. Take me to Katayama store, Katayama e tsure te yu ke. Show me kimono. Kimono wo misete kudasai. How much? Ikura? Show me better one, Motto yoinowo misete. This is very pretty, Korewa taiken kireida-"

"My God, have a heart!"
"Please don't stop me, please!"
"Oh I see!"
"I will take it, Sore ni shimasko. Too expensive, Amari takai. Show me some less expensive. Motto yasuinowo misete. Give me change, Tsuri kudasai. That's all, Shimai-" (Pg. 107)

The Sm Shhshin Katayama Silk Store was located at  I93 Yamagata-dori, DAIREN. Telephone 2-6235 (Manchuria: a semi-monthly publication of the Manchuria Daily News: Volume 1 1936).

The Wearer of KATAYAMA SILK feels well-groomed and well-tailored Custom-made shirts and pyjamas executed by this Dairen firm have won world-wide acclaim from contented residents and around-the- world tourists. (Caravan, Volumes 3-4 1938)

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