Thursday, 16 August 2012

Frankby, Wirral

Frankby is a hamlet on the Wirral Peninsula, England and is located between Greasby and West Kirby. The name Frankby come from the Old Norse Frankis-byr, meaning "Franki's/Frakki's (Frenchman's) farm". The "by" suffix, included in neighbouring place names such as Greasby, Irby and Pensby, applies to settlements believed to be Viking in origin. The settlement of Frankby was mentioned in the Domesday Book entry for neighbouring Greasby. Frankby was formerly a township in the West Kirby Parish of the Wirral Hundred. Read more on Wikipedia

Lowry refers to the hamlet in his short story 'Enter One In Sumptuous Armour';" There was a sea of mud round the farm yards. We splashed through little villages named Frankby and Greasby." and  "I noticed the pubs longingly. In Frankby there was the Farmer's Arms - Caerwyle (Lowry's spelling) Ales and Stout." (Pg. 232).

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