Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Tithebarn Street, Liverpool

Tithebarn Street, Liverpool was named after a tithe barn erected by the Sir William Molyneux in 1523 to collect produce, received as tithes in Liverpool and Kirkdale. The actual site of the barn was on the corner of Cheapside, on the south side of Tithebarn street. The main structure and oak roof could still be seen up to the late 1900s.

Lowry refers to the street in his novel Under The Volcano; "He had not played one, and Hugh could play almost any kind of guitar, for four or five years, and his numerous instruments declined with his books in basements or attics in London or Paris, in Wardour Street night-clubs or behind the bar of the Marquis of Granby or the old Astoria in Greek Street, long since become a convent and his bill still unpaid there, in pawnshops in Tithebarn Street or the Tottenham Court Road." (Pg. 158)

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