Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Central Railway Station, Birkenhead

Birkenhead Central is a railway station serving the town of Birkenhead, Wirral. Situated on the south side of Birkenhead town centre, it lies on the Chester and Ellesmere Port branches of the Wirral Line, part of the Merseyrail network. The station is in a deep cutting and reached by stairs down from the street level entrance. Birkenhead Central station was opened in 1886 as part of the Mersey Railway's route from Liverpool, via the Mersey Railway Tunnel under the River Mersey. The station was the location of the Mersey Railway's headquarters.

Lowry refers to the station in his novel Ultramarine when Dana is on his drunken trawl around Dairen in Chapter 3; when Dana and Norman visit the cinema in Dairen, Norman jokes at the box office; "I want one third day-return to Birkenhead Central,' he roared" (Pg. 96); again Norman drunkenly asks for "Three, four, five, fifteen day-returns to Birkenhead Central." (Pg.97) and later they stop at the south station in Dairen, Norman jokes; "Third return Birkenhead Central," said Norman." (Pg. 101);

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