Thursday, 16 August 2012


The Minerva was a prominent Belgian luxury automobile manufactured from 1902 until 1938.

In 1920, they started the production of luxury cars with the 20CV 3.6-litre four-cylinder and 30CV 5.3-litre six-cylinder models. The manufacturer's star rose not only in Europe, but in the United States as well where American film stars, politicians and industrialists appreciated the cars. The Minerva had the same quality as the Rolls-Royce, but was slightly less expensive. In 1923, smaller models were introduced; the 2-litre four-cylinder 15CV and 3.4-litre six-cylinder 20CV with standard four-wheel brakes. Read more on Wikipedia

The Lowry family had a Minerva sometime circa 1924. The model is not known. The family went in this car on their holiday to Devon in 1924. The car was driven by their chauffeur Coltman. (Gordon Bowker Pursued By Furies Pg. 32).  Lowry refers to the car in his short story 'Enter One In Sumptuous Armour'; Our chauffeur, Featherstonhaugh, held the door of the Minerva open. The car drove away with them beneath the wet swaying nameless trees." (Psalms Pg. 228) and "Featherstonhaugh brought the Minerva round to the front door early while I was saying goodbye to the servants." (Pg. 232). Lowry then describes a drive taken by the narrator and his father driven by Featherstonhaugh from Caldy to Birkenhead Park Station.

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