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Hamburg is located on the do southern point of the Jutland Peninsula, directly between Continental Europe to its south, Scandinavia to its north, the North Sea to its west, and the Baltic Sea to its east. Hamburg is located on the River Elbe at the confluence with the Alster and Bille.

During the period of the Weimar Republic (1919–33). Hamburg experienced its fastest growth during the second half of the 19th century, when its population more than quadrupled to 800,000 as the growth of the city's Atlantic trade helped make it Europe's third-largest port. With Albert Ballin as its director, the Hamburg-America Line became the world's largest transatlantic shipping company at the turn of the century. Shipping companies sailing to South America, Africa, India and East Asia were based in the city.

Lowry refers to the port in his novel Ultramarine when Dana asks Popplereuter whether Hamburg is like Christiania (Oslo); "Is this a little like Hamburg?" I asked." (Pg.84). There is no record that Lowry visited the  port when he went to Germany in 1928. Pyrrhus visited the port in on October 5th 1927 arriving from Rotterdam after completing her Far East voyage in London on September 26th 1927. There is no record to indicate that Lowry made this sailing as all accounts have him leaving the ship in London. (Gordon Bowker Pursued By Furies Pg.72).

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