Saturday, 4 August 2012

John O'London's Weekly

John O'London's Weekly was a weekly literary magazine that was published by George Newnes of London between 1919 and 1954. Regarded as the leading literary magazine in the British Empire, at its height it had a circulation of 80,000, and it was popular among young and older readers alike.

Founded in April 1919, John O'London's Weekly got its title from the pen name of one of its early editors, Wilfred Whitten, and its content featured contributions from both the best known literary names of the day as well as newer less well known writers. Regular contributors included Winston Churchill, Rebecca West, Arnold Bennett, Max Beerbohm and W. Somerset Maugham.

The magazine regularly featured a literate section on English grammar and word usage, and would recommend carefully selected good books.

Lowry refers to the magazine in a letter to Carol Brown dated April 29 to 2 May 1926".....John O'London's Weekly.....only too glad to receive and print jokes illustrated artistically' (Collected Letters Vol 1 Pgs. 17-20).

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