Saturday, 4 August 2012


Lot-O'-Fun was published by James Henderson & Sons Ltd as one of Henderson's competitors to the popular Amalgamated Press comics. However, AP would take it over in 1920. Overall, the comic ran for 1,196 issues from 1906 to 1929.

The comic is the usual format of the day: eight tabloid pages, half comic strips, half text stories. The tone of the stories are clearly aimed at a more literate reader than today's children's comics. There are even gags about smoking and drunkards, which would suggest the comic is for adults, yet most of the strips are full of basic (and often childish) slapstick sequences and the text stories feature the traditional themes of boarding schools and footballers.

Lowry writes an imitation mock letter to Carol Brown dated April 29 to 2 May 1926 posing as editor of the magazine (Collected Letters Vol 1 Pg. 17-20).

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